On behalf of my brother and I, we would like to thank you for everything you have done through the 4.5 years that mom was a resident at Village Green.

It has not been an easy 4.5 years and mom and I both could be very difficult, demanding, but at the end of the day my brother and I have been so thankful that she was at Village Green.

I want to especially thank you, Teresa, Meghan, and Aria for making this very difficult last month, bearable.   For allowing me to go inside to sit with mom while following all protocols.  Thinking we had a few more days and not knowing it would be the last time… allowing Betty to come in and care for mom.  Giving my brother a chance to see her and hold her hand.  Those are moments we will never get back and I thank you for allowing us to seize that moment as it will always be cherished.

I want to commend your team, Teresa, Meghan, Aria and Trisha.  They did an outstanding job!!! Also all of the caregivers that I had not had a chance to really get to know.  They came in, knew the risks to their own health, and cared for the residents that were so very ill with COVID.  After wearing that hazmat outfit I have a new respect for all of them.  It is very hot and I would find that at the end of the day I was drained…and yet they pushed forward with a smile on their face and love in their heart.

Again Nish I want to thank you for helping me through the last 4.5 years with my mom.  You always had an open mind to what I asked.  Thank you!!!

From my brother and I wish you and VILLAGE GREEN the very best, and now Edwin and I will move forward knowing mom is at peace.

Mitzi Framel

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