Training: The Fundamentals of Alzheimer’s

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Our new training program starts with teaching our new Care Partners about the basics and the Fundamentals of Alzheimer’s disease. After watching the videos, they are able to answer the most basic and important question: What is Alzheimer’s disease?

At Village Green, we feel it is important for our Care Partners to understand what exactly causes Alzheimer’s disease. This fundamental knowledge sets a foundation for understanding our residents’ behavior. Most important is an understanding that our residents are not acting in a spiteful way. Often they have very little control over what is happening in their brains and are only attempting to cope with something that is often beyond their understanding.

This foundation helps our Care Partners guide your loved ones in a caring manner. Also, it is our mission to provide your loved one with a safe environment while preserving their dignity.

Our first video, courtesy of the Alzheimer’s Association, focuses on teaching our Care Partners the causes as well as how the disease progresses. It stresses that our residents are victims of this disease and help remove any stigmas associated with the disease.

The second video shows what it is like to experience just 12 minutes in the life of a person with this disease. Certainly, it helps to show our Care Partners what the daily struggle can be like for our residents by having them imagine stepping into their shoes.

We invite your feedback of these training videos! And, as always, thank you for allowing your loved one to become our loved one, too.

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