How to determine if it’s time for Assisted Living

If one of the family members is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia then it takes a toll on the entire family. During this time the families should consider for professionals who can take care of them. But the question arises” how to decide if it’s the time to take that step” as guilt might come in the way. Though it’s never easy for a family to move one of their members to an assisted living especially when the patient needs home care it’s for the best.

1. When patient experiences Aggression

Anyone suffering from middle stage of Alzheimer’s or in the state of dementia will experience aggression. The aggression can be difficult for the family members to manage. Thus, the family must consider for assisted living.

2. Stressed Caretakers

If the caretaker is feeling way too stressed to handle a dementia patient, they must look for assisted living where the staff is trained specifically to take care of the Alzheimer patients.

3. Professional Care

Ask yourself a few questions such as “are you physically capable of helping the patients for daily activities?” or “Are you risking the patients living with improper care?” if your answer is yes for these questions, make sure its time you discuss the matter openly.

4. Home Safety

If you feel that a dementia patient is unsafe in their own home as memory disorders can be troublesome, you should start contacting care units with a secure facility. If you are at work and there is very little help for the patient then you must look for options.

5. Sundowning Syndrome

There is an aggression that a patient feels mostly in second part of the day, which is usually referred as “Sundowners syndrome”. It can severely affect the other family members and sometimes it could be difficult to handle. It is better that the patient should be kept under a professional service.

6. Wandering

When dementia is at peak and probably in later stages, one must strictly consider about how risky it could get if the patients start wandering. They might be susceptible to injuries or falls. Thus, if a caretaker has started feeling resentment, anger and is filled with the thought that your life revolves around that family member, its considered high time by medical professionals. Rather than feeling all the guilt, a caretaker must take a wise and bold decision and leave their loved ones in the hands of professionals.

If you are looking for one of the best care units in Texas, call Village Green Alzheimer’s care home. They are certified by the state government and have a memory care unit within the assisted living. From personal rooms to share space, the caregivers can explore both options before they book the facility. With professional staff and educated management, the care unit ensures the family that their loved ones are in the hands of experts.

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