Indulging Alzheimer senior in Intergenerational Family Activities

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Intergenerational family activities between seniors with Alzheimer’s and children can be seen as an advantage for both the generations. It results in better relations between the duo and more comfort for the seniors in general. Any person, especially a senior expects respect and love from people surrounding them. And being in company with children will make them more and more relaxed.

Memory loss is one of the main symptoms of Alzheimer. But it’s essential that we spend more time with our loved ones to make them feel comfortable. They may not remember many things of the past, but they retain the feeling of happiness. Just affection and love from near and dear ones is enough for them. There are many care centers for providing care to seniors with Alzheimer’s where they can feel to be a part of the stream, but the closeness of family is something else altogether.

The Intergenerational Family Activities

There are many intergenerational activities that one can do with the senior suffering from Alzheimer’s. A few of them are as follows:

1. Engage them in some physical activities Outdoor activities can help both, senior with Alzheimer as well as children. Some physical activities that you can engage in, with senior members, are going for a walk, or dance with them, or play a sport like a badminton, do gardening together, or cycle in a garden, etc. These activities may make the people who have Alzheimer feel better as well as make them more fit. Engaging in these activities will relieve them from stress and anxiety. At the same time, make sure you keep a check on the body conditions of the senior member as well.

2. Active learning Data collected from Health line states that active learning is very effective in lowering the signs of deterioration of memory. Active learning is another best way to help people engage in fun lessons. With Alzheimer patients, this can be a lifesaver. Puzzles, image solving and such other games can become a part of seniors with Alzheimer’s and kids.

3. Coloring sessions The coloring is a safe and fun way of indulging kids and Alzheimer patient. One can notice changes in the patient after a coloring session. Simple black and white images can encourage your loved one to get involved in coloring. Vibrant colors can lift any mood and cheer up everybody around them. A pack of colors is all that takes to bring your imaginations on the paper together.

4. Crafting Encouraging kids and seniors in making craft projects can be very engaging for both. Simple pottery or artwork can help intergenerational people enjoy together. There are many ideas one can work out with the seniors and the kids.

A final Say One can choose any of the activities mentioned above to make life better for the seniors who have Alzheimer. The only thing you want is to have a smile on their face, and these will make them happy.

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