Best safety tips to follow when traveling with a Dementia Senior

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Travelling needs a proper plan and soul full of energy. It may bring little stress and tiredness if arrangements are not well planned. When traveling with a person with Alzheimer or dementia, the traveling needs a little extra precaution than usual along with planning. The reason behind this is that the suffering person needs more care and attention. The caregiver needs to make sure that the patient is in their comfort zone.

Even a family member has to make sure that there is no disturbance in eating and sleeping habits. The root issue with such person is agitation, as there is a lack of communication in some cases. Hence pitfalls related to discomfort needs prior attention.

Few useful and effective tips while traveling with a Dementia Senior

  1. The caregiver should escort the person.

Caregivers are the most experienced and reliable person for the patient. They are the ones who are well known for the common activities and habit of the person. For instance, the sleeping habits, eating preferences, timing, and a dose of medicines, etc. Therefore, it is best, if a professional caregiver accompanies the person who is well aware of the person.

  1. Mode of transportation.

Mode of transport plays an essential role while traveling. It is important to note that traveling by flight can be risky. It is crucial to know beforehand if a senior can bear the loud noise and pressure of high altitude before booking the tickets. If a person cannot travel for a long time, he shouldn’t be taken to the destination by a long journey. Such plans should be made clear before traveling.

  1. Destination environment.

Choose the traveling destination wisely. The ultimate goal of such traveling is relaxation and mind free of worries. Therefore, avoid too cold or too humid places because it may cause discomfort for the person.

  1. Carry handy items.

It is necessary to carry few handy items including soft pillows, neck pillows, slippers, wheelchairs, a pair of socks, blankets, card games, packed snacks, drinks, knitting, etc. these items are the essentials and can be required anytime and anywhere, so make sure to carry them. If a person is a music lover, then a source should be available to play soft music to make trips enjoyable.

  1. Medicines and prescriptions.

Medicines are the most important thing for such a person, as they are the source of relief in pain. No one will be willing to spoil their vacation; hence, it is advisable to carry sufficient dose of medicines, prescription or any other reports related to the health of a person. They can be of use in case of an emergency.

  1. Doctors’ Advice.

Doctors’ advice ought to be one of the most sensible. Before traveling take advice related to the traveling precautions, caring for a patient, and other health issues. It is best if one can discuss each and everything before planning, which will give a clear idea of what to do or what not to do.

A Final Say

Therefore these are some useful tips that a caregiver can consider before making any traveling plans. The family members should make sure to follow them strictly to avoid last minute hustle in traveling plans. It is essential that the suffering person should feel relax and comfortable. To make this happen, pay attention to the mode of transport; it should be flexible.

The climate should be suitable for living, and if the person is unable to walk, he can take support along with the other requirements. Medicines and cure should be the priority. Last but not the least family, friends and other supporters should try their best to make a person cheerful, happy, and relaxed.

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