How We Are Unique

How We Are Unique

758As you know by now, we are not like other assisted living Alzheimer’s care homes we have a different way of doing things , hence our motto, “Unique Care For Unique Needs”. We are very diligent about the safety and well-being of each resident while still encouraging their independence and choice. We treat them with kindness and dignity at all times as we guide them through each day. To give you a better understanding of our unique care, we provide the following:

  • This is our resident’s home. We don’t use the “f” word here. When we come in, we are their extended family, helping them do what they are unable to do alone. We are not care givers, we are care partners. We partner with them for care.
  • We call their walking aids, “Cadillacs” or “safety buggies”.
  • We gently remind them to “Take your Cadillac or safety buggy so you will be safe.” We don’t say “Get your walker, I’m afraid you will fall.” The words “fall” and “afraid” are scary and negative.
  • We ask “How can we help you” instead of “What is wrong”. Their answer usually is “I don’t know”. We give them a hug and redirect. Hugs always work.
  • If they have incontinent issues, we don’t embarrass them. We say, “I think you sat in something, let me help you.” We don’t say, “Let’s go change you, you are wet.” Where is the dignity in that!
  • We promote freedom and choice at Village Green. For example, we encourage our residents to choose their own outfits in the morning. However, we don’t overwhelm them with too many selections causing them confusion.
  • We use red dishes for all meals. This allows the residents to see their food more clearly. If the dishes were white or light colored, residents could not plainly distinguish many of their food items from the dishes, therefore making it more difficult for them to eat.
  • We use fresh food and serve homemade meals each day.
  • We cut up their food for them back in the kitchen if needed. We don’t embarrass them by cutting it in front of everyone in the dining room.
  • We are a family at Village Green. Our care partners and teaam members eat with the residents during each meal. We sit at their tables with them and we enjoy getting to know them better.
  • We have routines we follow each day. Routines are very important to those with memory impairment. Everything we do at Village Green is designed to help our residents with their memory and routines are an integral part of that process.
  • We don’t think memory impaired seniors are like children. They are grown adults who have lost their memories, not their minds. They deserve to be treated as adults with the dignity and respect they have earned.
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